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Utratech is a custom software services firm based in Imphal, Manipur. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of both software and hardware development. Our experienced staff of professionals has worked with a wide array of platforms, languages, and tools in the course of our various projects.We have varied and extensive expertise in software development, web portal development, application software development, etc. Ultratech came into existence with a pioneering vision of “Bringing Man and Computer Together” and help to build requisite talent for the emerging information based economy. Ultratech has a strong conviction in the power of inter-networking skills. We offer a cost-effective solution based on our client’s input. We always deliver what we promise.

Our ability to develop code is only the beginning of our capabilities. Being a “custom” firm,ULTRATECH Technologyis able to provide our clients with a variety of services. A few of the services available from ULTRATECH are listed below :

Why Choose UltraTech Technologies ?

We are responsive, committed team members who are attentive to a successful deployment. We are ready to provide documentation, code walk-through, and any other insight into our work to allow to easily and confidently taking ownership. We remain available at all time to support in resolving any issues arising out of service that we provided to our clients.

Our Services

Application Software

We developed globally deployed software and systems. Our products are of next-generation software, from initial requirement gathering to design, coding, testing, documentation and implementation. Our products are high-performance applications and technical innovations. Our solution are high-quality, cost-effective design solutions while keeping within budgetary constraints.

Web Application

Our web applications are innovative, highly reliable and effective, thus allowing for growth and expansion of an institution. Our products are easy to manage even for not-so-technical users. Our product are developed on- time and on-budget. Our products are reliable and require minimal maintenance.

Website Design and Development

We developed rich, interactive websites that are easy for visitors to use and easy for clients to maintain. Our team are experts in content management system, we make the updating process easier the site, and even the not so technical users can maintain the website. We will focus in technology so that it can help in the growth of your business.

Web Hosting

We provide reliable, secure web hosting solutions for individuals and businesses of different field. We are proud for providing a network reliability and responsive 24/7 customer services. Our cost-effective web hosting is suitable for establishing a web presence for all types ranging from small to big budget business organisation. Our mission is to provide you with an unmatched web hosting service and support experience. We extend dedicated, quality support 24/7 to our clients.

Network Solution

We provide reliable stability and flexibility in our networking solutions; which resulted in robust performance. We deliver simplistic yet consistent solutions that are flexible and can reshape in accordance to client needs. We have been helping our customers to realize the business benefits of networking through increasing productivity and business flexibility and reducing operational costs. We therefore offer an integrated solution approach to our clients; which is cost effective and also helps in increasing client productivity.

Hardware Solution

We support all types of hardware related problem. Our teams have computer hardware professional who take care of maintenance of computer hardware. We are confident that we would be able to provide the most demanding needs of our client’s requirements ranging from Servers to Desktop Computer, Nodes, Work Station, and Peripherals namely Printers, Scanners, Plotters, Storage Devices, Backup Devices, Modems, LAN cards, Video Conferencing Kits and UPS.


Main Strength of UltraTech

L. Sunil Singh
L. Tibit Singh
Project Manager
Gangmei Amos Kabui
Sales Manager
N. Rajesh Singh
Marketing Manager
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